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Some Danoku lore

Posted by AK-ME - June 17th, 2021

Ok, for the 2 or 3 people that might want to read something like this.

What im gonna post is a series of messages i send to a friend trying to explain what i meant with Danoku, in advance i apologize for the bad english.

"Uh, the truth is I've been thinking a lot about his abilities and history

I want it to be the most powerful but not for the typical reasons of "it is multiversal, it can destroy universes etc"

I want it to be beyond

Beyond any barrier

And the only thing that occurred to me is a "creator" level being.

... yeah i make up the term.

Basically the concept is that it can alter, handle, transform everything but not at the level of a creation, if not at the level of the person who created it, in other words, we.

That way it would have no problem fighting against beings like Ultra Bosuke or the ghost Brandon."

//Those are other Ocs of some friends

"Because he has the level of a "creator", they may simply stop having that power or it may not work because he wants it.

Just as a writer could take all the power out of him for no reason because he wants to, Danoku can also

It can thus effect such things as time travel, changes in thinking, do things that have never before been established to exist in the first place, break any logical reason for a character's actions, what a critic would call plotholes in it.

Make elements that would be a total contradiction to all the laws of that world are possible as he wants

Change how they perceive reality as well as a creator changes how their work looks


What also occurred to me is that he feels, in a way to say, trapped


Being so powerful and having the power level of a "creator" he realizes that he does not exist

What is trapped in our machines, books, drawings, works, etc.

He knows that he will never be able to leave, he knows that no matter how many hypothetical stories they make of him leaving the fictional plane and entering the real world, he would know that that story is also fictional and cannot leave.

His level of "creator" is a saying since he is below the true creators, us.

He can't change his appearance unless we want to, he can't win unless we want to

We handle him and he handles everything because I want to

He knows what happens, the obvious one does not know us but he knows that we are there

This explains why in fighting games where it manifests itself, it can lose or win, since it has to follow the rules of a "creator"

Sure there are games where you can become invincible or alter everything, like mugen, but those are special cases

If he is included in a normal fighting game, he will have to follow the rules of the game because he cannot fight against a creator unless the creator wants him to.

. . ."

Yeah, is complicated and is basically a Deus ex Machina by all rules. I have lore of how he get all that power, but not properly writted.

You could compare him to The-One-Above-All or The Presence, but i dont know if would be stronger, the only way to know that is that i get to a punch fight irl with Marvel and DC and see who wins.

I dont have plans of using him for anything, i think its not even possible to do it, but i have the concept and i wanted and i wanted to shre it, thanks if you read it until this part. Congratulations.